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Cossack saber Karabela

Article: СОМ003
Sales price: $328
Cossack saber handmade. Steel 60S2A.

Karabela is very durable and allows to put the terrible straight and circular strokes, including yanked back when the blade with a powerful Elmanov unexpectedly prosekaet pursuing the enemy, moving as if by "gun belt" across the chest. Its blade has sufficient curvature and strength to lunge at beating round shield pierce oboyuoostrym dagger martial end chainmail unwary rider. Balance sabers and faceted spider Turkish type allows fence Celebrity Style "on Kryzhi" and use the so-called "flying" protection. 

A characteristic feature of Karabela is a powerful grip with a finial in the form of a stylized "eagle head" and, often, with chevron notch that allows for a variety enough. Zaporozhye Cossacks quickly appreciated the fighting qualities of the Polish saber and gladly used it themselves called "saber eagle." Also these blades met and Russian aristocratic cavalry. These swords were many historical figures, such as at the Zaporozhye Cossacks Basil Kotchubey or sheriff headman - Hero Time of Troubles Kozma Minin. In 1814 this kind of sword was presented to the famous Ataman of the Don Cossacks, and the hero of 1812 Matvei Platov. 

Material of blade: structural steel, spring 60S2A with high strength, elastic and viscous properties; used in heavy-duty springs, torsion shafts and spring washer; confidently works from -60 to +120 degrees. Two Dole (narrow and wide). 

Handle Material: beech, bronze investment casting, brass. 

Material of sheath: wood, brass, bronze casting, leather. 

Overall length: 930 mm. 

Blade length: 760 mm. 

Width of blade: 35 mm. 

The thickness of the butt: 5 mm.


Friday, 13 October 2017
Сабля сделана очень из хорошего металла удобная в руке покупалась для выездных игр очень осталься довольный покупкой))


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