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Luke, one of the varieties of projectile weapons. Their history dates back to the X century BC, almost every nation had its own interpretation of this type of weapon, depending on cultural practices, geographical location and their scope. Therefore, every nation bows were very diverse, someone long for some peoples important was their armor-piercing ability, so the bows were very heavy and not mobile. Some civilizations bows made of metal to create the maximum penetration.

More than ten centuries, bows were the most popular type of projectile weapons, even with the invention crossbows, bows have not lost their popularity and continued to lead the field of missile weapons. Onion is one of the tools that will do no harm in unskilled hands, a man who took a bow for the first time in the hands of just will not be able to shoot out of it, much less cause any injury to another person or animal. Therefore, archery always offered up to the level of art, and are treated with high respect for professional archers.

There are many types of bows. In ancient times and the Middle Ages, onions were subdivided according to their length. Short bows, which are mainly used by horsemen were in sizes from 100 to 120 cm., These bows were not different penetrating ability, but they were very comfortable shooting in the saddle.

Luke long 100 to 180 cm. Were called simple and mostly used by infantry troops. These different bows his penetrating ability and long range. The maximum distance at which could be carried out bombardment is about 100 - 150 meters. But this distance arrows could not penetrate the defense of the knights and foot soldiers, could only be applied to minor injuries.

Luke length from 180 to 220 cm., One of the longest of Representatives, is basically the type of bows has been circulated among the English archers, for which he was named in English. This type has vyskokim indicators, as well as on the penetration, and the distance at which you can send an arrow. These dimensions were not from simple, as in the Middle Ages knights and infantry were very strong armor and to knock them had to increase the length of the bow.

Also on bowshot and its penetrating ability affects the quality of materials used to make the bow, the production technology and own arrows. For each kind of shooting and the goal he wanted to achieve archer use the appropriate arrows, they can be manufactured from a particular material, have a variety of length and weight, and over the same tip.

At the moment, all their bows are divided into classic onion, Olympic bow and bow block. Classic bow made of wood on the principle of the English bow. In the classic onion banned composite and plastic materials, sights, such bows in general are an exact copy of their ancestors.

Olympic bow is almost complete similarity with the classic bow, but are allowed to create use of modern materials, for example such as Duralumin Handle, plastic for shoulders, carbon or aluminum for arrows and solid steel nib. Also used in the Olympic bow sight of one point.

Block bow, is the epitome of advanced technology, its main difference is that it is much shorter, and by the use of blocks and levers, turns up for the shortcomings in size, so that at comparatively large sizes we get tighter power that at large.

In our online store you can buy classic bows and arrows, which are made of natural materials in all the quality standards of the world practice. Each bow is made by technologies inherent in this or that people who invented this design and concept of the bow.


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